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Remember Me....

We were joined in assembly today by two champions from the Alzheimer's society and Dementia Friends association.

Our special assembly formed part of the children's current PSHE topic on 'My Special Person' and links to the World Alzheimer's theme of  'Remember Me'. In a child friendly way, the champions explained what Dementia is and some of the signs and syptoms of the disease. A wonderful bookcase analogy was used to help the children understand how each shelf of the bookcase represents each memorable stage of a person's life. An older person may remember things at the bottom of the bookcase, but as the bookcase gets shaken a little through life, some of the books may fall out. This demonstrated how an older person may forget more recent events, activities or even names.

An opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation showed just how much the children  were keen to find out more such as, 'Is there a cure? Can Dementia be prevented? Does a person with Dementia, see themselves as being a different age than they actually are?'

The children learned that having Dementia should not prevent anyone from living well and that they can do their part by helping today. Following the assembly the children are taking part in a fundraising activity, creating a 'Memory Wall' in the playground by making their own unique leaf with a special memory of their own written on.