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Young Minds - Hello Yellow Event

This week has been Mental Well Being Week and today we celebrated Feel Good Friday!

On the Friday 8th October we will held our Hello Yellow event in support of the Young Minds Charity. This formed the final day of our’ Mental Well Being Week’ in school. Each day we have shared different approaches and activities with the children about how they can help their own mental well-being. The activities will involve:

  • Musical Monday: using music to support our mood and well being
  • Talking Tuesday: using the power of talk to discuss feelings and emotions
  • I Wonder Wednesday: Provide opportunities for the children to ask big questions and simply wonder about the world, their future, the environment and appreciate the non-materialistic aspects of life
  • Thankful Thursday: Giving children time to think of someone/ something that they are thankful for
  • Feel Good Friday: Hello Yellow day, in support of Young Minds

Young Minds are passionate about looking after young people’s mental health and getting the early help when they need it.  The Hello Yellow campaign is to help children to understand that they are not alone with their mental health

So far we have raised an amazing £171.00

‚ÄčThe children came into school today wearing an item of yellow and enjoyed dancing in the fresh air during Feel Good Friday.


Please note that this is a cashless event, and all donations should be made via our Just Giving webpage following the link below: