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Susali - So The Child May Learn

Susali - the story of a young girl in Napel that Avalon School sponsors.

In January 2017, Avalon School decided to sponsor a girl called Susali who lives in a small village in a remote area of Nepal.  therefore, every year we raise money which, through the charity: So The Child May Learn enables Susali to go to school.

the money that we raise pays for essentials for Susali such as a school uniform, pencils and books.  For the last two years, we have raised more money than is needed for Susali, so the extra money has been put towards a new school building and the furnishings for it.

Susali is a clever and ambitious girl.  although she is very happy living in her village, when she completes secondary school she would like to take a further course to learn more English.  She would then like to get a job in the capital city - Katmandu - working in a hotel which caters for tourists who visit nepal to climb up Mount Everest and other mountains.

Susali in her home (in the dark-coloured T-shirt
Susali's home which is made out of wood and clay.  The outside shelter is for keeping their animals - Susali's family has a few goats.
The old Nursery classroom.  They clay walls collapsed when it rained heavily.
The new Nursery classroom built with money donated to the charity.  (our money paid for the tables, which have Avalon School inscribed on them.)
Susali (and the other children from her village) have to walk up a steep mountainside on a narrow earth path to get to school.  it takes two or three hours to get there!
One of the old classrooms for some of the older children.  can you see the mould on the walls?
It is very cold in the winder in Nepal.  There is snow outside so the children have their coats on in the classroom.  There were no windows in the old classrooms so they have to keep the doors open so that there was enough light!
The new school building built using the money donated to So The Child May Learn.