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Policies & Documents

The key policies below provide various information about the school, our philosophies and practice.  They apply to all members of the school community including those in our EYFS and wraparound setting. We seek to implement our policies through adherence to the procedures set out in each policy.  We are fully committed to ensuring that the application of each policy is non-discriminatory in line with the UK Equality Act (2010). Further details are available in the school’s Equal Opportunities Policy document.  Policies are usually reviewed annually.

All our policies (including those not listed below) are available in printed form upon request. In addition, larger print copies can also be produced upon request.

The policies below are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view/print these policies you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Please visit to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Parents are also welcome access to their child’s work, information file and records of their child provided that they are relevant and no exemptions apply to their disclosure under the Data Protection Act.

On request, parents can have access to the school’s academic performance during the preceding school year.