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Year 3 Class News

Stone Age Animals in Art

As part of our cross-curricular activities, during their Art lesson, Year 3 have sketched their own choice of Stone Age animal.  They have learnt how to use their pencil in various ways to create definition in particular areas. Once they were satisfied with the outline, they painted their image, again experimenting with different paintbrushes to complete their painting.

All approached their task with great enthusiasm!

Archaeologists at Work

Year 3 have been looking at The Stone Age. They have been understanding how long the Stone Age period lasts and how we know this information.

Firstly, we compared 5000 years of time as a single piece of toilet paper. The Stone lasted around 3 millions years which meant it took a lot of toilet paper to show this period (see the photo of how much toilet paper Year 3 had to use).

The Stone Age time is pre-history, which means before humans could read or write. Therefore, we know the information about this time through what archaeologists dig up.

Next, Year 3 took on the role of archaeologists and were excavating a chocolate chip cook to find the chocolate chip artefacts inside. They had a lot of fun doing this, ensuring they are careful and gentle with each artefact. They also learnt and understood how difficult an archaeologists job must be.

Finally, Year 3 looked at photographs of actual Stone Age artefacts and made predictions on what these artefacts may have been used as in the Stone Age times.


Stig of the Dump in English

The children are reading ‘Stig of the Dump’ in our English lessons, which is a story about a Stone Age man who lives in a dump.  Today, the children were acting out a scene between Barney, the main character, and the three mean boys from the nearby town. The children interacted with great enthusiasm and used excellent expression for their characters.  Se the Year 3 Gallery for more photos.